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Wedding Suits Made Easy

The Ultimate Timeline to Guide you Through Hiring or Buying your Wedding Suits

If you are planning a wedding in 2024 then organising your wedding suit will now be nearing the top of your ‘to do’ list.

At Chimney Menswear we specialise in helping our grooms to not only look and feel special but to achieve this in a relaxed and stress-free way. Your wedding suits are just as important as the dress, and we can help guide you through the process.

6-9 months before your wedding: Book Your Appointment.

Once you have booked your venue and set your date for your wedding the next item on your list is to organise your wedding suits. Don’t leave this to the last-minute as you need time to be sure it makes you feel confident and amazing so plan ahead.

· Your choice of season will determine the type of wedding suit you choose.

· The type of suit you chose may be determined by the style of venue chosen.

A church, cathedral or formal venue may suggest a formal morning suit, a tuxedo or very smart lounge suit, a relaxed / rustic venue may suggest tweed, chinos or no jacket at all.

· The time of year may determine the range of colours you choose for your wedding. Richer darker colours may suit autumnal or winter weddings whereas lighter shades are more suitable to the warmer times of the year.

· Be sure to take images of any wedding colours to your appointment as these can impact your choice of ties, pocket squares and waistcoat.

· Your first appointment should be for you and your fiancé as its your ideas that matter, and the choice of wedding suit should be your preference not someone else’s choice.

· Use your appointment to explore all styles and colours especially those that are out of your comfort zone as you never know which style will make you feel amazing.

Tweed wedding suit for rustic countryside venue

4 – 6 Months before your Wedding: Place Your order for your wedding suits

Finalise your order with your preferred supplier. This is the best deadline for ensuring your wedding suits will arrive in time.

· If you wish to purchase your wedding suit the order should be placed ideally 6 months before the wedding as some suits may take a few months to arrive.

· Full payment for your suits to purchase will be needed by this time.

· Book your fitting for the suit you wish to purchase and finalise your accessories.

· Once the suit arrives make your appointment with a tailor or seamstress if you need any alterations.

· If you are hiring do confirm exactly which wedding suits you wish to order, the number of suits and exactly which accessories you require. Do check also when to arrange fittings.

· Pay your deposit and arrange when the balance is required. If you wish to pay by instalments, ensure you have the dates in your diary when each of the payments is required. Late payments can delay delivery of your order.

· Organise your groomsmen and ensure they are all able to attend for a fitting at the correct time.

Grooms fitting their wedding suits

6 Weeks before your Wedding: Wedding Suit Fittings

It is advisable to book fittings for your hired wedding suits well in advance for you and your groomsmen.

· Confirm date for fittings with your groomsmen.

· Ensure that only 2 or 3 are booked into each appointment as this reduces waiting time for the last groomsmen and will be easier to book into the diary.

· Ensure everyone has their smart shoes with them for the fitting. They don’t have to be of the right colour but do need to be of the same heel height as the ones chosen for the big day.

· Encourage your groomsmen to focus on the fitting and think clearly about the sizes chosen.

· Your groomsmen need to be aware that they should now keep their weight stable until the wedding day.

Grooms groomsman wedding suit attire

5 Weeks before your Wedding: Final payment

This is the time to ensure all payments for your wedding suits have now been made.

· Check if you wish to make any changes to your order as this will be the deadline for any changes.

· Any adjustments such as adding in a further Usher or ordering coordinating extra ties for other members of the family should now all be decided and confirmed.

wedding suit accessories finishing touches

7 – 10 Days before your Wedding: Your hired wedding suits have arrived

· Do collect your wedding suits as soon as you receive the call to say they have arrived.

· Do deliver them to your groomsmen as soon as possible so they too can try them on and check if anyone has changed in size.

· Contact your supplier if anyone needs a different size and collect as soon as it is available.

· Has everyone bought shoes?

· Does everyone have cufflinks?

occasional wedding suits wedding day

Wedding Day: The day has arrived to wear your wedding suits

· Make an occasion of dressing for your wedding.

· Help each other with tying of ties and fitting cufflinks.

· Ensure everyone looks good – shirts tucked in, trousers pulled up to the correct position, and waistcoats pulled down – all essential checks especially just before the photographs.

· Have an amazing day and feel and look incredible.

Weddings suits in front of Chimney Menswear

After the Wedding: Returning your Wedding Suits:

· If you have hired your wedding suits do ask your groomsmen to put everything back into their suit bags.

· Check pockets for personal items.

· Find that missing pocket square.

· Be sure to return your hired suits to your supplier by the pre-arranged time.

· If you were delighted with the service you received, why not post a review to help others find their stress-free Wedding Suit journey.

To book your stress-free Wedding Suit experience

call Chimney Menswear 01763 252828 or email

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