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'Blooming' good advice for all grooms

Flowers are probably not the first thing on a groom’s mind when he is thinking about getting married.

But the chosen blooms will be an integral part of the big day – from bouquets to buttonholes and venue decorations to table centrepieces.

The colour and style will be a big influence on what the groom decides to wear, so it is important to be fully briefed before you come for your first consultation here at Chimney.

The more information you can provide, the better we can advise when it comes to colours and accessories. Every day is unique and personal, and we will help you choose the look that is best suited to your themes.

When it comes to accessories, don’t just focus on the obvious shoes, ties, pocket squares. For a fully co-ordinated outfit, give some thought to your socks, cufflinks and even your watch.

Let’s look at some of the possibilities. Traditional If you’re wedding is all about tradition, with roses, peonies and lilies of the valley, you will be looking for a suit that is classic, with smart, but understated, accessories. Your tie could be the colour of your blooms, with a tonal pocket square. Keeping it simple and elegant is the key here.

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding and are looking for flowers to reflect the theme, consider thistles, eucalyptus, ivy and even some grasses or seed heads to add different textures. This can then be reflected in your outfit by adding a colour-co-ordinated tweed waistcoat.

With a more outdoorsy feel, you can choose a contrasting or complementary floral tie.


Choosing flowers out of season can prove expensive, so it’s always best to opt for blooms that are readily available. You may wish to extend this by creating your wedding theme around the colours of the season – pastel shades of yellows and pinks for spring; leaning towards blues, yellows, and greens for summer; the traditional rich orange, reds and browns for autumn; and reds and greens for winter.

For a Spring theme, keep your accessories more subtle. You may also want to consider a pastel suit, maybe in linen.

With the brighter shades of Summer, floral ties teamed with a contrasting waistcoat can look chic and stylish.

The Autumnal shades are perfect for tweed, whether you choose the full suit or decide to wear a contrasting waistcoat with a more traditional look. Strong red and orange accessories look great with this seasonal theme.

Winter may be as much about warmth as style, so consider a wool suit. Darker colours are generally preferred but dress them up with a splash of the theme colour with your waistcoat or tie. And why not think about a stylish cashmere scarf as a finishing touch.

Your flowers are a big part of the day and can help to pull together your whole theme. Ensuring you have the right accessories will create a smart and sophisticated look that reflects your personality.

Anything you can share with us about your wedding will help us advise you on the best colours and styles to wear, so you will feel confident on your special day. To help find accessories that coordinate well, adding that final flourish to your outfit, whatever your floral theme, get in touch to arrange an appointment with our expert team. Call 01763 252828 or click here.

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