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What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

Summer is fast approaching, the summer wedding invitations will have been received but the biggest decision is ‘what do I wear?’.

We have broken down all the aspects to consider, so let’s take a look:


Consider the temperatures you may experience at your summer wedding.  Warmer summer weather calls for lightweight breathable fabrics such a linen and lightweight wool to keep you comfortable.

Dress Code:

Look at your invitation to give you a guidance as to the dress code for the summer wedding you are attending. Black Tie may be specified or Morning Suits preferred so this would guide you as to your choice of outfit but also consider these items in as lightweight fabric as possible. 

No dress code will mean smart suits will always be acceptable.  A tie can easily be removed if the majority of guests have adopted more casual attire and waistcoats at a summer wedding are not always necessary.

How Formal is your Summer Wedding:


This will give you a good idea as to the formality of a summer wedding.  Church weddings or stately homes will be more formal than a Tepee, barn or woodland wedding and although all wedding attendees should be smartly dressed the formality can be softened for these styles of weddings. 

Style of Wedding: 

Knowing the style of wedding that has been planned will help you to decide on your outfit. A mix and match outfit will look totally appropriate at a more casual wedding but if you know that the couple plan a formal day then a two or three piece suit would be more appropriate.

After Wedding Party:

The party after the wedding ceremony is always a time to be more relaxed when jackets are removed and ties loosened.  If you are invited to the party only then you can be more casual with your dress but do still keep your style semi smart.

Your Role at the Wedding:

As the groom or best man your style will inevitably be more formal than the rest of the guests to help you stand out but still keep to lightweight fabrics and light colours.  The light colours will reflect the sun’s heat rather than absorb it so keeping you cooler.

For groomsmen it may be acceptable and more comfortable for a summer wedding to wear a suit without a waistcoat but do check this with the wedding couple.

A suit without waistcoat will be perfect for a wedding guest and even lighter weight jackets with chinos and without ties may be appropriate.

Take the stress out of styling yourself for a summer wedding by booking an appointment with the Chimney Team.

Come and seek our advice whether you are a groom, a member of the wedding party or a guest.  We would be delighted to see you.

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