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Should your groomsmen match the bridesmaids…?

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

This is a question that crops up at most of our appointments and one we aim to answer here!

Here at Chimney we will help you create a look for your groomsmen that co-ordinates and compliments both the groom and the bridesmaids. When styling your groomsmen their look needs to be elevated above that of any of your guests, however they should not outshine the groom!

In this blog we're going to take a look at how you can achieve a seamless and consistent style throughout your wedding party, which offers individuality and uniformity in equal measures! Lets start by taking a look at the suits ...


Suits are the foundation piece of any groomsmen's wedding day attire, and whilst you may choose for your groomsmen to be wearing the same suits as your groom, you can mix up the accessories for them ensuring that they don't upstage your groom.

Dressing your groomsmen in the opposite combination to your groom's suit makes for a great 'mix and match' option and a very effective styling combination.

Different suits connected by a similar colour pallette are also a great alternative for the gents' attire - subtle differences are sometimes all that is needed to define styles for each member of the groom's party.


Waistcoats for your groomsmen can be different from the groom, but co-ordinated to make the overall look and feel of the party complete.

'Jazzing up' and 'toning down' accessories is a great way to achieve this. Darker colours and plainer accessories are more appropriate for your groomsmen, helping the groom to stand out in his lighter and more patterned attire.

Waistcoats are a fundamental part of a gent's wedding day suit.


As with waistcoat styles and ties, different styles of shirts can be worn throughout the party ... it's clear from the images below who the groom is!

The two collar styles offer a subtle but significant difference.

Ties & Pocket Squares

This is the most traditional way of bringing the wedding colours into the groomsmen's attire.

On your big day, its a special and personal token to add an element of the grooms outfit into the grooms party. Pocket Squares to match the grooms' tie make a stylish touch!

For the Dad's Fathers of the bridal couple have an important role to play on the wedding day, and its important that they stand out too ... but at the same time, don't over shadow the groom! Subtle tweaks to their outfit maybe all that is required to create a co-ordinated but slightly different look.

For the smaller groomsmen

This blog wouldn't be complete if we didn't look at the suit options for the smaller (children) groomsmen. Again, they have a role to play in the day and need to look their part! But we know that for some of them, being confined to a suit that has little to no give in it, will result in unhappy little groomsmen. We will work with your colours and styles and offer solutions for the smaller members of your party that work and compliment the whole group.

Whatever your wedding day styles and colour themes ...

... whether you wish to co-ordinate your groomsmen's ties with your floral bouquets or colour match your groomsmen attire with your bridesmaid dressess, whatever your preference is, the team here at Chimney are always here to advise.

If we can help you get ready for your special day with styling advice and guidance, please don't hesitate to give us a call and get a date in the diary. We look forward to meeting you!

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