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Finding Your Creative Side

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

While grooms take a much bigger role in wedding planning than they might have done a generation ago, the truth is that it’ll be the bride making the majority of the decisions regarding the big day. For the groom, their chance to really make an impression will come with the outfit they wear on the day.

It can be daunting, particularly for men, to walk into a store with what seems like a thousand options. At Chimney, we can help you find your bespoke style, and impress your keen-eyed partner with some tips and tricks on mixing up different vibes and styles for your wedding day.

Anyone can go to their local retailer and buy the first tuxedo they see. We pride ourselves on being unique, here at Chimney, and have put together a go-to guide for some tried-and-tested ideas that scream personality and sophistication.

Mix and matching different styles work. The key is to create a look that’s in line with both your personality, and the wedding theme. Ultimately, the groom needs to stand out, and this can be done by blending different styles from different inspirations.


A three-piece suit is a great way to mix colours, textures, and patterns together to anchor your whole look together perfectly. Read on for advice on how to combine different styles throughout your outfit.


We love to see a charismatic pop of colour in groomswear – have fun with your creativity! However, grooms often feel more comfortable in something timeless. To incorporate a bold colour into your outfit, pair with neutral tones to create an elegant, sophisticated look.

Alternatively, a classic blue or monochrome suit, with a striking accessory, such as a tie, cravat or buttonhole can be an effective way to encompass colour, tying your outfit together nicely.

Textures and fabrics:

When deciding on the textures and fabrics of your wedding outfit, it’s important to keep the weather, and time of year, in mind. For a summer wedding, light and airy fabrics, that would look great with or without a blazer. For cooler seasons, heavier wools, tweeds, or checks are a stylish way to channel a simultaneously rustic and refined elegance.


Incorporating patterns into your wedding outfit is a great way to stand out, and a particularly elegant choice for a rustic, country wedding theme. Mixing patterns is also a viable option. No matter whether it’s checked, floral, tartan, or striped, as long as they have some element in common, for example colour, scale or style, they can work extremely well.

Traditional or contemporary?

Integrate a blend of rustic, rural country elegance, balanced with cutting-edge, modern chic by different waistcoat and jacket combinations. For example, take a tasteful blue slim fit two-piece suit, and pair it with a checked, tweed waistcoat for a contemporary variation of the traditional three-piece look. Simple, but effective.

Whatever you decide on, if everything is tailored to you correctly, there are no rules. We can help you find a bespoke, sophisticated outfit that not only your partner will love, but you will most importantly feel confident in.

Contact us for any help or advice in styling your perfect look for your special day

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