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Chimney hits the small screen

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

When the BBC visited us to ask for our views on the latest lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, we were delighted to sit down, pop the kettle on and have a chat.

The famous 'Twosday' was a big day for us, here at Chimney.

The Prime Minister’s announcement earlier in the week that people testing positive would no longer have to isolate with any social distancing measures brings us closer to the normality we remember, and we leaped at the chance to share our thoughts with BBC viewers.

As the doorbell rang, we were met by the very lovely Political Correspondent, Ben Schofield, who took a walk around the shop and spoke with our Founder Sharon Cousans.

“We work in very close proximity to our customers, so it’s important that we keep everybody safe,” she explained. “We will look to continue to ask our customers to wear masks in store for the foreseeable future.”

We know it’s been a very challenging two years for couples wanting to tie the knot, as well as our colleagues in the wedding industry, so we’re keen to take a mindful approach to ‘Living with Covid’. We are passionate about offering a high quality, comprehensive Chimney Experience to all our customers. In order to do this, we will continue to implement the following:

· All customers and staff to wear a mask in store

· Hand sanitisers will be available for use

· Our high standards of sanitation will be maintained with frequent sterilisation of high-touch areas

· We will continue to provide good ventilation as much as possible

To learn more about Chimney, or book an appointment, contact us by phone: 01763 252828, or email

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