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'Who should accompany me to buy my suit?'

Who should help me buy my suit? Weddings present happy couples with once-in-a-lifetime situations – how many times have you had to organise catering for 100 people, or choose floral displays for a reception?

While it is fun sitting together and making plans for your unique day, it can also be challenging and take you out of your comfort zone. Choosing the right outfit for the day is right up there with the big decisions to be made and it’s probably not one you want to make by yourself. But who do you turn to for help? Traditionally, a groom doesn’t see a bride’s dress before the wedding day and she will take her mum or bridesmaids to help her choose. But a groom doesn’t have the same societal rules to follow. We suggest choosing one person to bring with you; having too many opinions about something so important can be overwhelming, and potentially counterproductive. But who?

Your partner

If your partner accompanies you for your appointment, it allows us to talk through all the details of the day – the colours, theme, venue and general feel – with both of you. Your partner may have some ideas about how your suit will fit in with the rest of the wedding and be the perfect person to help you choose the right items. Perhaps they love to see you in blue, or think a green tie will bring out the sparkle in your eye. And you will know they will be happy with the decision.

Your sister or mum If your partner doesn’t want to see the groom’s outfit, which can happen, bring one person whose opinion you trust – maybe a sister, sister-in-law, mum – anyone who knows the details of the wedding and can help with insight. We can show you different looks, but sometimes having a close relative who appreciates the look you’re trying to achieve for the big day can offer a gem of advice – or stop you making a mistake. Your best man When a bride goes to choose her dress, it’s a big occasion often accompanied with a glass or two of bubbly. Why shouldn’t grooms have the same experience – minus the bubbly. We have a really relaxed shop with comfy seating, so your best man can sit back and relax while you try on various looks. It also gives you both the opportunity to consider what the best man and groomsmen will be wearing. When looking at a photograph of a groom and his groomsmen, it should be clear who the groom is. But the outfits should complement each other.

Groomsmen outfits

When you come for your first appointment, the focus should be on you, no matter who you have brought with you. Once your suit and accessories have been decided, there will be further opportunities to finalise the outfits for the groomsmen. We would invite them for fittings much closer to the wedding day, once the groom is sorted.

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