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Styling your Tuxedo!

Welcome to our seasonal blog on how to style your Tux!

We are heading towards that time of the year when we dive into the wardrobe to find, and dust off, the tux that was probably last worn this time last year. Yes, it’s the time of year for award ceremonies, annual business parties, and Christmas and New Year celebrations.

If you have received an invitation to a ‘black tie’ event or party, you will need to source a tuxedo. Don’t despair! We can help you plan ahead. Whatever event you are planning to attend we will help you turn some heads and, most importantly, without a last-minute panic.

Here are our tips to ensure a stress-free party season:

Check your wardrobe at least three weeks before your event. If you have a tux lurking in the back, take this out and check it over.

  • Try it on, trousers as well as jacket

  • If it doesn’t fit, make the decision to purchase another one or go for the cheaper option of hiring. If your weight fluctuates then this is probably the best option for you. Book your appointment early

  • If it fits, look for the inevitable stains and marks left over from the last event. Get it booked in for a clean and freshen up

  • Find your dress shirt. Does this still look crisp and white or do you need to purchase another one

  • Check your bow tie is still looking presentable.

Hiring is often the cheapest option for the annual black-tie event. You may wish to purchase a tuxedo if you have many events to attend but if your weight fluctuates hiring can solve the problem.

  • Book your appointment for a fitting at least three weeks before an event. Most hire companies require at least 14 days’ notice for placing an order so do avoid that last minute panic

  • Take smart shoes to your appointment to ensure you order the correct trouser leg length

  • Find out when the suit will be ready for collection and arrange for some one to collect it for you as soon as possible if you are not able to collect it yourself

  • Once it is collected try it on at home to ensure all fits well

  • Don’t forget to note down when it is due to be returned and ensure either you or someone else is available to return it promptly, so you don’t incur any late charges.

Style it up - Have you checked the small print on your invitation?

  • If it says ‘Black Tie preferred’ or ‘Black Tie Essential’ you will need to wear a black satin or velvet bow tie. You may want to go for the easy option of a ready tied bow tie or show off your skills by tying your own

  • If there is no dress code and the event is a seasonal celebration, why not be more adventurous and choose a coloured or highly patterned bow tie. Express your personality and get yourself noticed

  • Is a cummerbund not quite your style? Too much white shirt on show? Then choose a waistcoat instead. Most evening waistcoats are black and you can choose a scoop front waistcoat, single or double breasted, in matt black or satin. If you feel a scoop waistcoat doesn’t suit your figure, go for the traditional black V-neck waistcoat which usually has a more flattering coverage and length

  • Choose a dress shirt that says a little more. Dress shirts with a pleated front and black stud buttons adds a touch more refinement to your outfit showing the care you have taken in putting your outfit together

  • For those special awards ceremonies, Christmas parties or ringing in the New Year why not invest in something a little different? A velvet evening jacket not only adds exquisite style but the perfect luxurious texture will help you stand out in a crowd. Whether you choose a rich seasonal burgundy, a deep forest green or choose the radically individual lavender, you will certainly be making a statement

  • Finally, don’t forget your cufflinks. All dress shirts require cufflinks so search in your drawer for those you inherited that have a sentimental meaning or treat yourself to a something new. Here you can add some sparkle, simple design or add a spot of colour.

Whatever event you are attending this Autumn and Christmas season plan ahead. Enjoy giving thought to how you might style yourself, get yourself booked in for fittings in plenty of time, if you decide to hire, or treat yourself to something new.

Happy partying!

To book your appointment to find evening wear to suit you, call 01763 252828 or email


Models: Samuel Futcher & Adam Sparkhall

Photographer: Amy Murphy Photography

Shot on location at: Chimney Formal Menswear and Barrington Hall

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