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Do I have to wear a tie for my wedding?

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

In times gone by there has been a ‘traditional’ dress code for what grooms should wear on their wedding day … ivory waistcoats, with matching cravats, tails, top-hats and 3-piece suits … but no longer! Times have moved on, fashions have changed, what was the norm, is now very much not!

Grooms have long been stuck with preconceived ideas of what they would be expected to wear and we’re here to help you understand that there are many different options available.

With so many different styles of venue couples need to think about how this may influence what they choose to wear. Convention can be thrown out of the window! Let’s break your outfit down into different parts and look at the varied options.


Although Tailcoats are a popular option, they may not always feel appropriate for your chosen venue. More rustic venues may imply a less formal attire.

If you like the elegance that a Tailcoat provides, but the vibe of your day is a little more relaxed, why not swap out your formal trousers for Chinos. Remember, your jacket will only be worn for a few hours of your day – the ceremony and formal photographs - but once you go in for your wedding breakfast, the tailcoat is going to be hung on the back of your chair and will probably stay there for the remainder of the day.

Going for Tails and Chinos gives you the option of two outfits in one! The formal look when you’re wearing your jacket, but the relaxed party look when the tails are removed, leaving you in your gorgeous waistcoat and easy to wear chinos.


A matching 3-piece suit may seem like the most obvious choice for your wedding day, but it doesn’t have to be. Your waistcoat is probably the most important element of your wedding day outfit and needs to express your personality.

With so many different options available for waistcoats, this is your chance to add that touch of individuality to your look.

Popping on a tweed waistcoat under your formal suit not only adds texture and colour, but also brings to the fore elements of a more ‘country’ feel which may be better suited to your more relaxed wedding.

Don’t be afraid - mix check patterned waistcoats with checked suits – when the colours and proportions of the check work, this can look amazing! Your wedding day is an opportunity for you to embrace styles, colours, patterns and textures that you’ve not tried before. Be brave and enjoy the experience!


Do I have to wear a tie for my wedding? Our answer is No! The decision is yours!

There are other options, a cravat, for example, will bring a more formal look whilst a fun bow tie will relax the mood. When considering your bow tie choices, be bold and open to floral print and patterns that work equally as well with your tweed suit as formal eveningwear.

If your neckwear of choice is a tie, be aware that this can be an important thread that weaves its way throughout the entire wedding party. As the Groom, and the most important man of the day, don’t go for plain! You need to stand out amongst your groomsmen so go for something a little different; integrate patterns, florals and colours that compliment the wedding colours. And, for your groomsmen / ushers a less distinct pattern, a paisley or a plain colour that coordinates with the bridesmaids would be a great fit!


If Tweed is your material of choice, as a Groom think beyond a matching three-piece outfit and even consider a waistcoat of different material.

Tweed can be styled in various ways; consider a waistcoat of a different texture to add more depth to the look, or introduce a Tweed jacket as a more rustic addition to your more formal trousers and waistcoat.

And if a more chilled out, relaxed approach is the look you are going for, why not don Chinos with coordinating Tweed waistcoats and jackets? This is a hugely versatile combination that can be worn in many different colours and shades.

Accessories & Finishing Touches

There are many options available to Grooms to accessorise their wedding day outfits for both them and their party.

· Cufflinks – personalised cufflinks can make a lovely addition to your wedding outfit. Here at Chimney we are able to provide cufflinks for you that will fit most interests, hobbies and styles from golf clubs to tractors to champagne flutes and pretty much everything in between. Choose the gift box option and have this further personalised with yours and your fiancé’s names and wedding date and this makes for a thoughtful gift for your grooms-party.​

· Pocket Watches – a ‘timeless’ and beautiful accessory normally worn by the groom – can’t be late for the big day!

· Braces – whilst braces have a very practical and important purpose, they can also add an element of fun and personality to your outfit.

When it comes to choosing your wedding day attire, look beyond convention, experiment with combinations that you may never have considered before, push yourself out of your comfort zone, have fun and most importantly, look amazing! Give us a call to get a date in the diary to come and meet with a member of the Chimney Team and let us help you create a style that encompasses everything important for your special day!

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