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How to Prepare Your Wardrobe for the Party Season

It’s still only October but we can’t ignore that the Christmas Party Season is not too far away.

How can we prepare for the wide range of different types of invitations we might receive without having to buy a whole new wardrobe of outfits?

Let’s begin with the casual invitation to friends for drinks.  For this event jeans or chinos may be acceptable but it is the party season so invest in a smart shirt, a new tie, a very individual stylish bow tie or even some unusual cufflinks.  One item can change the whole look of your outfit and that small attention to detail says a lot about your individual style.

Work parties, unless fancy dress is specified, usually require a slightly smarter style of dress.  If you feel your suit is likely to appear a bit too overdressed, then wear your suit trousers and invest in a special waistcoat.  One with a collar will add a smartness without overdressing or one with colour or texture will make a statement about your personality.  Add a touch of individuality to your look.  Try adding the bow tie you bought for the casual drinks party and, paired with the waistcoat, it will add sartorial elegance.  You don’t need to buy these items if you think you may never wear them again or you don’t have a pair of suit trousers in your wardrobe.  Hiring can be the obvious choice for a one-off occasion.

Formal work parties or end of year award celebrations are likely to have a Black-Tie Dress code.  Unless you have a tux in your wardrobe and it still fits, then the simplest answer is to hire.  Often the whole outfit can be hired at special evening package prices but the cufflinks, that you bought to wear at your drinks party or on Christmas Day, may well come in useful and be worn again here.

Get organised early and be ready for all those invitations that are likely to come your way this party season.
If you need to hire an outfit, book in early to save those last-minute panics.
If you want to purchase, then invest in a few choice accessories that will take your business suit from boardroom to work’s party, that can be paired with jeans or suit trousers, that will dress down or dress up the staples in your wardrobe giving a whole range of different looks.

Whatever the dress code, follow our helpful tips and be dressed, ready to party!

How to Dress Your Best Man

Once you have organised your own wedding suit, how do you decide what your Best Man should be wearing?

Here are some suggestions to help you choose a style which reflects his importance but doesn’t overshadow you, as the Groom.

Firstly, let’s consider the important role of the Best Man on your wedding day.
Amongst an array of duties he is at your side, driving you to the ceremony, ensuring all the guests are in the right place at the right time, overseeing that all goes smoothly and, of course, is the bearer of those all-important rings.  Therefore, it seems that his wedding outfit should elevate him above the rest of your groomsmen.
Despite this, one important factor must be considered.  As the Groom, whatever you wear must help you to stand out from all your groomsmen, including the Best Man.
However, there are ways to dress the Best Man well without him stealing your style:
  • If, as the Groom, you decide to wear a different 3-piece suit from the rest of your groomsmen, consider that the Best Man could wear a waistcoat to match yours.
  • A reflection of the role of the Best Man could also be shown by both of you wearing the same suit but with the Best Man wearing a waistcoat to match the rest of the party.

  • Some Grooms choose to dress only themselves and the Best Man in jackets.  The rest of the party are still looking dapper in just waistcoats.  This looks good if the ties/cravats and waistcoats all match.

  • If the Groom decides to wear a different colour tie, cravat or bow tie from the rest of the party, the Best Man could also wear the same colour but keep the rest of his outfit the same as the other groomsmen.
  • Wearing the opposite colour pocket square and tie from that of the Groom can also be a style adopted for the Best Man.

  • Another approach is to reserve a bow tie or cravat just for the Groom and the Best Man, leaving the rest of the groomsmen wearing ties.

However you choose to style your Best man, don’t forget that it is your day and your individual style must shine through, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t recognise the importance of your Best man and dress him accordingly.

How to Tie the Perfect Bow Tie

Here is a chance to acquire a skill that will bring out the James Bond in all of us.


Although ready tied bow ties are quick, easy and neat to wear, the self tie bow tie is fuller and dressier for any smart occasion.

There is a certain skill required to sequence the tying of a bow tie but follow our tips and watch our video to help you achieve this.
  • Many a wedding or other important function has been delayed by the struggle to tie a bow tie.
  • Most self tie bow ties will be shaped to help with forming the bows so once this is understood the process becomes simpler.
  • Begin by crossing the bow tie from left side over right side.
  • It is fidly to push the folded part of the second bow loop through the back of the first one but practice will make perfect.
  • Once tied, even up the bow and ends so that they are equal.
  • Some self tie bow ties will have adjusters at the back to ensure a perfect fit around the neck.
  • If, once the bow tie is tied, it appears a little bulky, pull equally on each side of the band which goes around the neck.  This will tighten the look of the bow.  Any excess this creates can be taken up by the adjuster at the back of the neck.
  • Do remember that in a self tie bow tie one bow loop and end will sit infront of the other bow loop and end.  With a ready tied bow tie,both bow loops are always fixed at the front.

Having read these tips watch our video and all will become clear.

Now a neckwear malfunction will not prevent you from arriving at an important function on time.

How to Tie a Cravat

Sitting under the shirt collar and knotted correctly at the neck, a cravat will enhance the look of any suit or waistcoat.

Follow our tips and watch our video to avoid panic when putting the final touches to your outfit.

Fashions for men often have military origins and the cravat is one such example.  The cravat originated from the 17th Century and is the forerunner of our modern ties and bow ties.   Although there are a variety of ways to tie a cravat we feel the tips and video will show you a stylish but simple and effective method.
  • Having placed the cravat around your neck keep the ends even before you begin to tie.
  • The tying of a cravat is just like a simple tie.  There is no extra wrapping around of the fabric as in a Windsor knot or a Half Windsor.
  • The knot created should be ruched with plentiful folds in the fabric.
  • When tying the knot, hold it securely near the top button of the shirt to help prevent the knot becoming too large.
  • Once the end of the cravat is passed through the knot, pull up with the other end of the cravat so it lies close to the neck.
  • Keep the folds and creases in the knot and do not try to smooth them out.
  • Ruffling up the end of the cravat behind the knot gives a more elaborate finish and importantly helps to hide the shirt band and top button to create the perfect look..
  • Once the cravat has been tied one end will be a lot shorter than the other,  Don't worry.  This is normal and as a cravat is usually worn with a waistcoat the ends will be hidden.
  • If the short end is particularly short and threatens to escape out of the top of the waistcoat, swap the ends over by tucking the short end behind the long end and move the long end to the front.

Now watch our video and enjoy transforming your look ready to impress your groomsmen with your new skill.